2D Shape Worksheets


Explore 2D Shapes with your preschool and kindergarten students with this set of engaging 2D Shape Worksheets. Students will enjoy sorting, tracing and exploring 13 different 2D shapes including circles, triangles, ovals, pentagons, trapezoids and more. 


There are two types of cut and paste sorting worksheets included: one sorting shapes into examples and non-examples, e.g. triangles vs not triangles, and one sorting shapes into two groups, e.g. circles vs squares. The All About (2D shape) worksheets provide opportunities for students to trace, color, identify, draw, count and trace the shape word. There is also a set of tracing worksheets, one for each shape, which are perfect for practicing fine motor skills too.

What’s included in this set of 2D Shape Worksheets?

  • 13 Sorting Worksheets (examples vs non-examples): Students cut out the shapes and sort into two groups, examples and non-examples, e.g. triangles vs not triangles.
  • 6 Sorting Worksheets (shape vs shape – real  life objects): Students cut out the objects and sorting into two shape groups, e.g. circles vs squares.
  • 13 All About (2D Shape) Worksheets: Students focus on one 2D shape on each worksheet and trace, color, identify, draw, count and trace the shape word.
  • 13 Tracing Worksheets: Each tracing worksheet focuses on one 2D shape presented in different sizes with dotted lines to trace.

Shapes included: circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, heart, crescent, star, rhombus, and trapezoid.

These 2D Shape Worksheets are perfect for the following learning settings:

⭐ As part of your morning work

⭐ During math centers during a unit on 2D shapes

⭐ With small groups of students who are having difficulty with a particular shape.

Suggested materials:

✏️ Pencils / Drawing materials

✏️ Scissors

✏️ Glue


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