Alphabet Letter Sound Mats


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These beginning alphabet letter sound mats contain images and mats for all of the alphabet letters. They are perfect for literacy centers. Just print, cut, laminate, add velcro and it is all ready!

I have also included alphabet letter sorting for younger kids.

Please note that for the letter X mat the images are for beginning, middle and end letter sound due to the lack of clipart available.

You can download a sampler of letter A on my blog here.

You will find 26 alphabet mats with six card slots.

Please note that you are purchasing a digital product that you will need to print out yourself.

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For younger children they can sort alphabet letter cards.
For kindergarten and first graders they can sort out beginning letter sound to the correct alphabet letter mat. The correct word is listed on the back of each card just in case a student is confused.
I have included a set in color as well as a full set in black and white. Children can also color the images in, cut and then paste into the correct sheet.

Here are the letter and word cards included:

A: alligator, axe, apple, ant, astronaut, anchor, acorn, alien, angel
B: butterfly, bee, baby, bicycle, boat, barn
C: cow, cake, cactus, castle, caterpillar, cat, car, cup
D: day, doll, donut, door, desk, diamond, dinosaur, dog
E: elephant, elbow, egg, exercise, elk, eggplant, envelope, elf, ear,easel, eagle, eat, eraser
F: four, farm, family, football, feather, food, feet, frog
G: game, garden, gas, gate, gift, girl, goat, gorilla
H: hand, hook, honey, hippo, hanger, hat, helmet, hammer
I: ice cream, icicle, iron, ivy, insects, igloo, iguana, instruments
J: jello, jar, jacket, jellyfish, jewelry, juggle, jump, jungle, jelly, jam
K: key, kangaroo, karate, kayak, keyboard, kitchen, kids, kiwi, kite
L: lemon, ladybug, leaf, lighthouse, lion, ladder, lantern, llama
M: magnet, mailbox, mermaid, mirror, macaroni, monkey, monster, muffin
N: nachos, nine, needle, ninja, nail, noodles, nose, numbers
O: omelette, octopus, office, ox, orange, ocean, oatmeal, ostrich
P: panda, pear, pickle, picnic, penguin, pie, pinwheel, pirate
Q: quiver, q-tip, quarter, quill, quiz, quilt, question, queen
R: read, robot, rocket, rose, rake, ring, racket, rhino
S: slide, sandals, sandwich, seal, seven, soccer, soup, superhero, sailboat
T: ticket, telescope, tiger, tornado, tree, tie, table, taco
U: unicycle, uniform, UFO, umbrella, utensils, unicorn, umpire, upside down, umbrella
V: vegetables, vest, violin, vulture, vote, volcano, vacation, vacuum
W: windmill, whale, watermelon, watch, whistle, wheel, witch, window
X: x-ray, xylophone, axe, wax, mix, fox, fix, box (Please note that this section is not only beginning letter sounds due to the lack of clipart available.)
Y: yoyo, yawn, yarn, yacht, yolk, yam, yard, yell
Z: zipper, zoo, zucchini, zeppelin, zap, zigzag, zero, zebra


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