Alphabet Train Matching Activity Pack


All aboard the alphabet train! This fun Alphabet Train Matching Activity Pack includes recording worksheets for students to further demonstrate their understanding. This engaging pack includes train engines and freight cars featuring uppercase and lowercase letters and pictures perfect for sorting according to their beginning sounds.


What’s included in this Alphabet Train Matching Activity Pack?

  • Teacher Directions: Instructions for preparation, classroom use and pictures of the resource in action
  • Recording Worksheets: Including trains with letters and without for students to write their own. Plus, a set of worksheets with pictures for students to cut and paste on the correct letter train.
  • Alphabet Train Engines: A set of colorful train engines each featuring an uppercase or lowercase letter.
  • Alphabet Freight Cars: A set of colorful freight cars each with an uppercase or lowercase letter (3 cars for each letter of the alphabet).
  • Beginning Sound Freight Cards: A set of freight cars featuring a picture for students to sort and match according to its beginning sound (6 cars for each beginning sound).
  • Train Freight Car Sound Word Key: A list of words for each sound, for teacher reference, for each beginning sound freight car.
  • Alphabet Tickets: Tickets each featuring an uppercase or lowercase letter
  • Alphabet Train Activity Mats: Each can be duplicated and used for a different matching activity (instructions included)
  • Train Mat Direction Posters: Use to demonstrate each activity to your students using the alphabet train mats


This Alphabet Train Matching Activity Pack is perfect for the following learning settings:

⭐ As part of your morning work

⭐ During literacy centers

⭐ With small groups of students


How to prepare this Alphabet Train Matching Activity Pack?

✂️ Simply print and laminate each component, if desired. 

✂️ Print each worksheet as required.

✂️ Detailed preparation instructions are included in this printable pack.


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