Color Flip Book Coloring Pages


Learn ten different colors and practice fine motor skills with this pack of Color Flip Book Coloring Pages for kindergarten and preschool students. This set includes individual color flip books in both horizontal and vertical layouts and a big 10 color vertical flip book to combine all your students’ color learning. Perfect for use as part of your morning work, as a literacy center activity or as a whole class lesson. 


What’s included in this set of Color Flip Book Coloring Pages?

  • Individual Color Horizontal Flip Books: Includes five pages each with different pictures for each color.
  • Individual Color Vertical Flip Books: Includes four pages for each color. Students color each picture and trace each vocabulary word.
  • 10 Color Vertical Flip Book: Featuring ten pages, one for each color, and a cover. Two versions are included – one with bolded color names and one with outlined color names for students to color.


These Color Flip Book Coloring Pages are perfect for the following learning settings:

⭐ As part of your morning work to revise colors

⭐ As a literacy center activity to focus on individual colors or during a color week study

⭐ With small groups of students who are having difficulty with a particular color


How to prepare these Color Flip Book Coloring Pages?

✂️ Print your chosen flip book and you’re good to go!

✂️ Students then color, cut and construct their flip books.

✂️ Glue or staples can be used to make the books, depending on your students and/or supervision required. 


Suggested materials:

✏️ Coloring materials

✏️ Scissors

✏️ Glue or stapler


Color Flip Book Coloring Pages


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