Apple Literacy Activities | CVC Word Building


The CVC Word Apples include 142 CVC words with pictures and just the pictures.

I have included 3 sets of letters, black and white, Montessori Colors (vowels are blue and consonants are red) and vice versa for other spelling programs.

There are 59 pages in the pack.

In this set, children build words with apples rather than square tiles. In the other CVC apple words activity, children build words with the tiles. Here the apples contain letters and the words are on rectangle cards.

You can check out the other cvc apples here.


Looking for apple themed literacy activities to use in your classroom? Well this set of apple themed CVC word building activities is perfect for your next literacy center. Featuring over 140 CVC words, this adorable apple themed format makes learning CVC words fun! The activities in this CVC word building pack include two levels of difficulty making it a great task for students of all abilities.


Apple Literacy Activities - CVC Word Building

Included in these Apple Literacy Activities – CVC Word Building:

➤ 5 Mats

Various designs including a basket for students to place the word card or letters of each CVC word.

➤ 2 sets of letter cards 

Apple themed letter cards in black and white and color formats.

➤ Picture cards

Two sets of picture cards including one set with just a picture and one set with the word displayed beside each picture.


How to use this Apple CVC Word Building Activity:

This resource is great as a literacy center or with a small group of students.


Suggested Materials to use with these Apple Literacy Activities:

✔ Velcro dots (if wanting students to fix each letter/word card to the mat)


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