CVC Playdough Mats


The CVC Playdough Mats includes approximately 152 CVC words.
The words are: Short A, Short E, Short I, Short O and Short U words.
Each Set of mats includes a color copy as well as a black and white set.
You can use the words with play dough or other manipulatives.

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A set of engaging CVC Playdough Mats featuring over 150 CVC words. Each word is presented in a one-page format, providing ample space for little hands to manipulate and shape the letters of each CVC word. Additionally, these kindergarten CVC mats can be used with other manipulatives such as blocks or circular counters. Both color and black and white versions are included for each mat so simply select which one to print then laminate and you’re all set. 


Included in this CVC Playdough Mat resource for PreK, Kindergarten and First Grade:

✔ Short A vowel sound mats – 40 color / 40 black and white

✔ Short E vowel sound mats – 24 color / 24 black and white

✔ Short I vowel sound mats – 36 color / 36 black and white

✔ Short O vowel sound mats – 27 color / 27 black and white

✔ Short U vowel sound mats – 30 color / 30 black and white


How to use these CVC Playdough Mats:

➤ As part of your morning work

➤ During literacy centers

➤ With small groups of students


Suggested materials:

✔ Playdough

✔ Connecting cubes

✔ Circular counters


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