Pumpkin Literacy Activities | CVC Word Building


The CVC pumpkins activity pack includes 142 CVC Words. I included a few different variations so that you could pick and choose which pumpkin or word building level was best for your child or student. I have included 3 different alphabet letter cuts including a black and white alphabet, Montessori letter themed and All About Spelling themed (color variations between blue and red.)

Children can use the pumpkin letters to build the word or they can use the pumpkin image.

Check out the sampler to see more details. 


Looking for pumpkin literacy activities for your preschool or kindergarten classroom? Then this set of Pumpkin themed CVC Word Building Activities is for you! Great for use during literacy centers, this set of engaging activities will help your students engage with this important reading skill.



Included in this Pumpkin Literacy Activity – CVC Word Building resource:

➤ 10 CVC Mats

Various designs including a basket and a wagon for students to place the word card or letters of each CVC word.

➤ 6 sets of letter cards 

Including black letters, red vowels/blue consonants and blue vowels/red consonants. Plus three sets of pumpkin themed letter cards in various styles and sizes.

➤ Picture cards

Two sets of pumpkin picture cards Including one set with just a picture and one set with the word displayed underneath each picture. Plus, two sets of rectangular picture cards, one with and one without the word.

How to use this Pumpkin CVC Word Building Activity:

This resource is great as a literacy center or with a small group of students.





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