CVC Short A Worksheets and Activities


Making learning sounds and words fun for your kindergarten students with this pack of CVC Short A Worksheets and Activities. Choose from over 40 worksheets, flash cards, CVC mats, word books, a flip book, clip cards and bookmarks to help your students master short a CVC words.

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This huge CVC Short A Worksheets and Activities pack includes word books, flip books, clip cards, worksheets, activities and more! Students will explore each word in multiple ways including reading, unscrambling, tracing, writing, matching, and building


What’s included in this set of CVC Short A Worksheets and Activities?

  • 45 Worksheets: A cover template for students to color, if you choose to combine the worksheets into a booklet.
  • Color Flashcards: Including pictures and Montessori colors – blue consonants and red vowels
  • CVC Word Mats: Perfect for use with playdough or trace with markers. Color and black and white formats included.
  • Word Books: Featuring a CVC word with dots under each letter and a picture to match. Color and black and white formats included.
  • Flip Books: Simply fit together and students can flip to change the first consonant and form a new word in each word family.
  • Clip Cards: Students identify the picture then find the matching CVC word and clip it.
  • Bookmarks: Featuring a picture and a word list for each short a word family, presented in 6-to-a-page format.


How to use these CVC Short A Worksheets and Activities?

Some great ways to incorporate this pack into your classroom include:

⭐ As part of your morning work to revise Short A CVC words

⭐ As literacy center activities to practice reading, building and writing Short A CVC words

⭐ With small groups of students to focus on a particular sound or set of words


How to prepare these CVC Short A Worksheets and Activities?

✂️ Print worksheets, word books and flip books as required. 

✂️ To increase durability, print and laminate flashcards, word mats, clip cards and bookmarks.


Suggested materials:

✏️ Pencils / Coloring materials

✏️ Scissors

✏️ Stapler

✏️ Playdough

✏️ Dry erase markers

✏️ Pegs or counters


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