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CVC Word Bundle

In this CVC Worksheet Bundle you will find the following 6 products
Worksheets and Activities:
- CVC Word Short E Pack
- CVC Word Short A Pack
- CVC Word Short I Pack
- CVC Word Short O Pack
- CVC Word Short U Pack
Each pack includes worksheets, flip books, puzzle cards and SO much more!
I have also included the CVC Play dough mats for the above words too.
There are over 500 pages in this bundle.

Please note that this activity is included in the CVC Word Bundle Pack.

Each short u letter activity pack includes the following :

– 9 black and white worksheets (unscramble the word, read color and write the word, color write and match the word, connect the word to the picture, color build write the word, trace the word, highlight and write the word), color the correct word, circle the correct word) = 40 worksheets in total

– Color Flash cards (including Montessori colors for vowels and consonants).

– CVC Mats (You can use play dough with these or crayons). These are in both color and black and white.

– Color and black and white Word Books with dots underneath each letter.

– CVC Flip Book

– Clip cards

– CVC Bookmarks

Short u Word Families

-ub -ud – ug – um – un – up -us – ut – ux

Total pages: 140

This product is also available in this bundle:

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