Dinosaur Centers, Activities + Worksheets


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Explore the fascinating world of dinosaurs with 18 fun and engaging dinosaur-themed math and literacy activities for preschool and kindergarten. This pack also includes 13 worksheets.


Explore the fascinating world of dinosaurs with this fun and engaging printable pack of literacy and math activities for preschool and kindergarten.

What’s included in this Dinosaur Centers, Activities & Worksheets pack?


  • Dinosaur Vocabulary
    Learn the names of different dinosaurs with accompanying clipart. Posters and cards included.
  • 3-Part Vocabulary Cards
    Featuring different types of dinosaurs, students match the word and picture parts to the whole vocabulary card.


  • Alphabet Hunt
    Find and cover the matching letters according to the target letter on each activity mat.
  • Alphabet Matching Eggs
    Students match the uppercase and lowercase letters to build the dinosaur eggs.

Fine Motor Skills

  • Dinosaur Playdough Mats
    Follow the outlines on these fun playdough mats to build a variety of dinosaurs.
  • Dot Marker Pages
    Students use dot markers or stickers to cover every dot on these dinosaur pages. Great for developing fine motor skills.
  • Alphabet Tracing Cards
    Use these task cards to practice letter formation with dry erase markers or within a sensory tray.
  • Number Tracing Cards
    Practice number formation on each of these volcano-themed task cards.
  • Dinosaur Craft
    Students cut and paste the body parts to build a cute dinosaur. Color and black and white formats included.


  • Footprint Counting
    A fun dinosaur-themed counting activity using playdough and dinosaur footprints.
  • T-Rex Teeth Counting
    Students choose a number card and add the correct number of teeth to the dinosaur. Use the teeth tokens provided or draw on with dry erase markers.
  • Dinosaur Park Counting
    Students choose a task card and add the correct number of colored dinosaurs to the park according to the card.

Measurement/Comparing shape and size

  • Dinosaur Fossil Measurement
    Match the bones of varying lengths to the fossil of the same size.
  • Fossil Matching Cards
    Compare the fossil to the dinosaur card to find a match. Connect with math links if available. Accompanying worksheet also included


  • Clothespin Color Matching
    Using colored clothespins, students match each one to the same colored dinosaur.
  • Egg Color Matching
    Use these task cards in multiple ways by matching available classroom items to each colored egg card or add pipecleaners and thread on colored pony beads.

Life Cycle

  • Dinosaur Life Cycle Sequencing
    Including a poster, colored sequencing cards and a printable worksheet for students to order the stages of the life cycle.
  • Dinosaur Life Cycle Sequencing Craft
    A fun, cut and paste paper craft to sequence the stages of a dinosaur’s life cycle.


  • Includes 13 worksheets with activities that incorporate the dinosaur life cycle, graphing, patterning, line tracing, coloring, counting, and more.

This Dinosaur Centers, Activities & Worksheets pack is perfect for the following learning settings:

⭐ As part of your morning work during a dinosaur themed unit

⭐ As literacy or math center activities after reading and learning about dinosaurs

⭐ With small groups of students with a particular focus, e.g. developing fine motor skills

How to prepare this Dinosaur Centers, Activities & Worksheets pack?

✂️ Simply print and laminate each component, if desired. 

✂️ Both color and black and white formats are included, where possible, to suit your individual printing needs.

Suggested materials:

✏️ Coloring materials
✏️ Scissors
✏️ Colored clothespins
✏️ Glue
✏️ Pipe cleaners and pony beads
✏️ Math links
✏️ Playdough
✏️ Dot markers or dot stickers
✏️ Dry erase markers


Here is a video of the activities in action:


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