Easter Theme Activity Pack


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Invoke the Easter spirit with this fun, hands-on Easter Theme Activity Pack for preschool and kindergarten. Perfect for literacy and math center activities this Easter season, your students will have fun exploring the themes, vocabulary and imagery of Easter through puzzles, worksheets, task cards, activity mats, writing pages and more! Both color and black and white formats are included to suit your individual printing needs.


Celebrate all things Easter with this fun and engaging Easter Theme Activity Pack of literacy and math activities for preschool and kindergarten.

What’s included in this Easter Theme Activity Pack?

 Literacy Activities

  • Alphabet Maze
    Students trace the letter then identify it within the grid to find their path through the maze. One page for each letter of the alphabet.
  • Candy Letters
    Use candy (or small manipulatives) to cover each of the uppercase letters of the alphabet.
  • Three Part Vocabulary Cards
    Featuring words and pictures of common Easter vocabulary.
  • Easter Words
    A simple Easter vocabulary poster.
  • Match the Word
    Students draw a line to connect the vocabulary word to the picture.
  • Do-A-Dot Letter Pages
    Students use a bingo marker to dot the target letter on each page.
  • Writing Pages
    Each page includes an Easter themed picture prompt and dotted writing lines.
  • Easter Sight Words
    Students use magnetic letters to build each of the sight words listed on these Easter themed task cards.
  • How to Dye Easter Eggs Sequencing
    A fun cut and paste sequencing activity to order the steps to dye an Easter egg.

Sorting & Matching Activities

  • Egg Hunt Shape Matching
    Students match the shape cards to the different shaped gardens on these task cards.
  • Color Matching Clip Cards
    Using clothes pegs, students clip the correct color to match the egg on the task card.
  • Match the Shape Button
    Students match shape buttons to each of the shapes on these Easter egg activity mats.
  • Pom Pom Patterns
    Match colored pom poms to create the patterns on these task cards.
  • Pom Pom Match
    Students match the correct colored pom pom to each bunny on this activity mat.

Fine Motor Skills Activities

  • Bunny Craft
    A printable template where students cut out the body parts and join to make a girl and boy bunny.
  • Dot Marker / Sticker Mats
    Students use either dot markers or stickers to cover each spot on these Easter themed pictures.
  • Cutting Practice
    Including Easter picture strips and various lines to follow and cut.
  • Playdough Mats
    Use playdough to create the Easter pictures on each task card.
  • Egg Fine Motor Craft
    Students trace, color and hole punch to create a special Easter egg paper craft.
  • Tracing Strips
    Students use different colors to trace the various lines on these task cards.
  • Dot Craft
    Students use either fingerprints or dots with a cotton bud to complete these pictures.

Math Activities

  • Easter Jar Counting
    Using candy or small manipulatives, students add the correct number of items to each numbered jar.
  • Counting Eggs – Math Links
    Students count the eggs in each basket on these task cards then add the correct number of math links below.
  • Basket Measurement Cards
    Practice measuring using informal units with these Easter basket measurement task cards.
  • Counting Footsteps
    Students count the Easter Bunny footprints and place the correct number tile in the box.
  • Number Mats
    Explore different representations of numbers to 10 with these fun task cards.
  • Skip Counting Puzzles
    Skip Counting Puzzles featuring Easter themed pictures. 
  • Count and Clip Cards
    Count the Easter items and clip the correct number!
  • Count the Carrots
    Students count the carrots on each task card and add the correct number of beads to a pipe cleaner attached at the base of the card.
  • Size Sequencing Cards
    Students order the cards according to size.
  • Find, Count & Trace
    Hide the carrot cards around the classroom and as students find them, they count the carrots on each card and mark them off their activity mat by tracing the correct number.
  • Number Baskets
    Students match the number word, dice representation and finger/hand representations to the number shown on each Easter basket.

Other Activities

  • Stick Puppets
    Simply color, cut and fix to a paddle pop stick for storytelling and oral language practice.
  • Coloring Pages
    An assortment of Easter themed coloring pages!

PLUS Teacher Directions: Including photos of each activity in action.


This Easter Theme Activity Pack is perfect for the following learning settings:

⭐ As part of your morning work to during March/April

⭐ As a literacy or math center activity during the Easter season

⭐ With small groups of students with a particular focus, e.g. developing fine motor skills


How to prepare this Easter Theme Activity Pack?

✂️ Simply print and laminate each component, if desired. 

✂️ Both color and black and white formats are included, where possible, to suit your individual printing needs.


Suggested materials:

✏️ Bingo chips/mini erasers or other manipulatives

✏️ Math cubes

✏️ Shape buttons

✏️ Crayons

✏️ Watercolor paint

✏️ Pipe cleaners

✏️ Pony beads

✏️ Playdough

✏️ Math links

✏️ Letter (tiles, magnetic, etc.)

✏️ Clothespins

✏️ Pom poms

✏️ Dot markers

✏️ Colored stickers


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