Gingerbread Pre-writing Tracing Strips


Ready to engage your students with pre-writing skills this Christmas season? Then this set of Gingerbread Pre-writing Tracing Strips is for you! Featuring alphabet, numbers, shapes and lines, these kindergarten tracing strips are presented in an adorable and festive gingerbread themed format. 

Please note that you are purchasing a digital product that you will need to print out yourself.


The tracing strips are easy-to-use and prepare and are perfect for math and literacy centers this December. Each set of tracing strips is provided in three color formats to suit your individual printing needs: full color, minimal color and black and white.

What’s included in this set of Gingerbread Pre-writing Tracing Strips?

Each of the following tracing strips is included in three formats – full color, minimal color and black and white:

  • Alphabet tracing strips: One set each for uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Number tracing strips: Numbers 0 to 9 included. 
  • Line tracing strips: An engaging set of lines including straight, wavy, loopy and various combinations.
  • Shape tracing strips: Including triangles, ovals, hearts, rectangles, circles, squares, stars, diamonds, crescents, pentagons, heptagons and trapezoids.


These Gingerbread Pre-writing Tracing Strips are perfect for the following learning settings:

⭐ Rotate through alphabet, number, shapes and lines tracing strips during morning work in December

⭐ Use as math or  literacy center activities during the Christmas season

⭐ Send home sets for students to practice over the Christmas break


How to prepare these Kindergarten Primer Sight Word Practice Worksheets & Activities?

✂️ Choose your tracing strips – alphabet, numbers, shapes or lines 

✂️ Choose your color format – full color, minimal color or black and white 

✂️ Simply print for use with pencils or markers or laminate or use a dry erase pocket for repeated use.


Suggested materials:

✏️ Pencils or markers (paper format)

✏️ Dry erase markers (laminated or dry erase pocket format)

✏️ Dry erase pockets, if desired

Gingerbread Pre-writing Tracing Strips


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