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Add a splash of color to your learning with this creative Rainbow Activities Pack for preschool and kindergarten. Packed with hands-on and engaging activities, your students will practice identifying letters, sorting and matching colored items, developing their fine motor skills, counting to ten and so much more!  Perfect for literacy and math center activities during a rainbow themed unit. Both color and black and white formats are included to suit your individual printing needs.


Explore the wonderful world of color with this fun and engaging Rainbow Activities Pack of literacy and math activities for preschool and kindergarten.

What’s included in this Rainbow Activities Pack?

 Literacy Activities

  • Alphabet Hunt
    One activity mat for each letter of the alphabet. Also includes letter tracing practice.
  • Rainbow Sound Match Puzzles
    Students match the correct letter to the beginning sound picture to complete each rainbow puzzle.
  • Rainbow Sight Words
    These task cards ask students to read the word, trace it, then build it using letter tiles or magnetic letters.

Sorting & Matching Activities

  • Rainbow Color Matching
    Students match each of the pictures to the correct colored strip then assemble to create a colorful display.
  • Rainbow Craft Stick Mat
    Using this activity mat as a template, students use colored craft sticks to make a rainbow. Also includes a coloring activity.
  • Rainbow Color Words
    Students match each color word to the matching rainbow on this activity mat.
  • Colorful Rainbows
    Using a variety of colored manipulatives, students sort and match to the correct colored rainbow.
  • Rainbow Color Math Links
    Students use math links to build chains of the same color. Includes two variations.
  • Match the Buttons
    This activity mat features a colored rainbow on which students can match and place colored manipulatives.

Fine Motor Skills Activities

  • Rainbow Cutting Craft
    A fun craft where students cut each of the colored strips and tracing lines.
  • Rainbow Pom Pom Mat
    Using this activity mat as a template, students place colored pom poms on each dot to create a rainbow picture.
  • Alphabet Tracing
    Students trace each of the uppercase and lowercase letters at the ends of the rainbow.
  • Build a Rainbow
    Cut out each piece of the rainbow and glue on the template to build a rainbow!
  • Rainbow Fine Motor Mat
    Students use small colored manipulatives such as beads and place on each dot on this activity mat to create a rainbow picture.
  • Sticker Rainbows
    Add colored stickers to this activity mat to create a rainbow work of art!

Math Activities

  • Rainbow Math Links
    Using the pattern task cards, students use math links to copy each colored pattern.
  • Number Subitizing Clip Cards
    Students identify the matching representation of each number and clip it with a clothespin.
  • Cube Rainbow
    This activity mat asks students to copy the picture using math cubes then count and record how many they used of each color.
  • Rainbow Measurements
    Students use math cubes to measure each rainbow on these task cards.
  • Rainbow Number Cards
    Colorful task cards including the numeral, number word and tens frame modeling. Students then add the correct number of manipulatives to match.
  • Number Mats
    Each activity mat requires students to trace the numeral, trace the word, count the hearts then model the number on a blank tens frame.
  • Rainbow Shapes
    Students identify the shape that matches each picture then clip using a clothespin.
  • Math Link Counting
    Using math links, students attach the correct number to the numbered task cards.
  • Rainbow Pony Beads
    Attach pipe cleaners to each task card and students add the correct number of pony beads.

Other Activities

  • Rainbow Emotions
    This fun game requires students to flip over a rainbow emotion card and move their game piece along the board to the matching emotion picture. Play continues until one student reaches the finish!
  • Worksheets
    Including Roll a Rainbow, Trace the Rainbow, Rainbow Maze, Rainbow Numbers, Cutting Practice and more!

PLUS Teacher Directions: Including photos of each activity in action.


This Rainbow Activities Pack is perfect for the following learning settings:

⭐ As part of your morning work to during a rainbow themed unit

⭐ As a literacy or math center activity to consolidate knowledge of colors

⭐ With small groups of students with a particular focus, e.g. developing fine motor skills


How to prepare this Rainbow Activities Pack?

✂️ Simply print and laminate each component, if desired. 

✂️ Both color and black and white formats are included, where possible, to suit your individual printing needs.


Suggested materials:

✏️ Bingo chips/mini erasers or other manipulatives

✏️ Math cubes

✏️ Shape buttons

✏️ Crayons

✏️ Watercolor paint

✏️ Pipe cleaners

✏️ Pony beads

✏️ Playdough

✏️ Math links

✏️ Letter (tiles, magnetic, etc.)

✏️ Clothespins

✏️ Pom poms

✏️ Colored craft sticks

✏️ Colored stickers


Here is a video of the activities in action:


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