Visual Direction Cards


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Guide your students and build independence with this set of engaging Visual Direction Cards also featuring classroom supplies and age-appropriate pictures and words. Perfect for managing your classroom and encouraging students to stay on task, these visual direction and supplies cards have been designed for use with students in Pre-K, kindergarten, and first to third grade. 


⭐ Please see below for a complete list of the cards included in this pack. ⭐


This set of Visual Direction Cards also includes heading cards (Supplies and Steps) and numbered step cards to easily order each direction and help students keep track of where they are up to within each lesson or set of tasks. 


What’s included in this set of Visual Direction Cards?

  • 41 supplies cards
    Beaker, brick, buttons, clipboard, cotton bud, counters, craft sticks, crayon, crayons, cubes, cup, dot marker, dough, eraser, funnel, glue, glue stick, highlighter, links, magnet, magnifying glass, markers, marshmallows, paint, paint brush, paper, paper clip, paper roll, peg, pencil, pipe cleaner, push pin, rubber bands, ruler, scissors, sticky note (book), sticky note (pad), tape, test tube, toothpicks, whiteboard marker.
  • 59 direction cards
    Balance, build (blocks), build (word), check your work, circle, clap, clean up, clip, color (crayon), color (marker), color (pencil), count (on fingers), count (point), cut, dab, date, dot, draw, erase, find, finger space, fold, glue (bottle), glue (stick), graph, highlight, hole punch, listen, look, match, match (paste), match (pieces), paint, point, put on headphones, put on the cap, quiet, read, roll, roll, sort, speak, spin, stamp, staple, stop, take home, tape, tear, think, thread, trace, turn in, type, wipe, write (marker), write (pencil on lines), write (pencil), write your name.
  • 12 step cards
    Numbers 1 to 12 for use to number and order visual directions
  • Headings
    Colorful heading cards for Steps and Supplies


These Visual Direction Cards are perfect for the following learning settings:

⭐ Display in a central location for use by all students during lessons

⭐ Use with a small groups of students working on a particular set of tasks

⭐ Place on the desk of individual students who may require extra guidance or are still mastering following instructions


How to prepare these Visual Direction Cards?

✂️ Simply print, laminate for durability and your cards are ready to display.


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