Water Cycle Activities Pack


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In this Water Cycle Activities Pack, students will explore condensation, evaporation, precipitation, and accumulation – the four major parts of the water cycle – as well as the more advanced stages as an extension for individual students. Both color and black and white formats are provided and each of these water cycle activities can be completed with familiar classroom materials.


Get your students excited about the Water Cycle with this varied and engaging activities pack for kindergarten and PreK. 

What’s included in this Water Cycle Activities Pack?

  • Water Cycle Charts: Diagrams including simple and more advanced stages and vocabulary to enable and extend your individual students.
  • Water Cycle Worksheets: Cut and paste the stages of the water cycle (three levels of difficulty).
  • Literacy Activities: Do-A-Dot letter identification, 3-part vocabulary and picture cards, 3-part information-vocab-picture cards, uppercase and lowercase alphabet flashcards.
  • Math Activities: Count the Water Cycle pictures, counting puzzles, count and clip cards, addition and subtraction worksheets with pictures, numeral and number word flashcards.
  • Fine Motor Skills Activities: Trace the water cycle vocabulary words, and trace the words and color worksheets.
  • Plus: Picture puzzles, size sequencing cards, and themed writing pages.

This Water Cycle Activity Pack is perfect for the following learning settings:

⭐ As part of your morning work

⭐ During literacy and math centers

⭐ With small groups of students to develop a specific skill in an engaging format, e.g. letter identification or counting to 10

How to prepare this Water Cycle Activities Pack?

✂️ This pack includes no-prep worksheets and a range of activities that once prepared, are reusable again and again.

✂️ Both color and black and white formats are included, where possible, to suit your individual printing needs.

Suggested materials:

✏️ Coloring materials

✏️ Scissors

✏️ Pegs

✏️ Glue

✏️ Bingo markers

I also have a helpful blog post all about this wonderful resource! It can be viewed here:  Water Cycle Worksheet Learning Pack – Fun with Mama


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