Check out the St. Patrick’s Day Centers + Activities Pack

What’s included in this activity pack?

  1. St. Patrick’s Day-themed alphabet mats
  2. Ten Frame Number Match center
  3. Clover Truck counting center
  4. Coin color patterns
  5. Build a sight word gold coin pots + recording sheet
  6. Counting Cube Mats
  7. Color Matching Mats
  8. Count and write task cards
  9. Dancing Leprechaun Craft
  10. Clover Sight Words Sensory Bin + recording sheet.
  11. Uppercase and lowercase alphabet matching pot of gold with gold coin + recording sheet.
  12. Feeling’s Chart, cards and blank fill in Leprechaun.
  13. Play dough mats – build a St. Patrick’s Day picture.
  14. Shape play dough mats
  15. Rainbow number match – with finger counting, popsicle sticks, and numbers with linking chains.
  16. Counting Clip Cards
  17. Leprechaun Life Cycle + worksheet
  18. 14 worksheets

Work on essential skills:

Suggested Supplies:

No need to come up with St. Patrick’s Day themed activities, I’ve done the work for you!

What’s inside? Let’s take a peek.

Pot Of Gold Alphabet Match

Match the lowercase coins to the matching uppercase pot of gold.

Color Mats

Match the St. Patrick’s Day themed colored items to the correct mat.

Leprechaun Feelings

Draw a card, identify the feeling and then draw it on the Leprechaun’s face.

Dancing Leprechaun

Color your Leprechaun, cut it out, then glue it together. Use fasteners on the arms and legs to make the Leprechaun dance.

Rainbow number matching

Use linking chains to match the number fingers and tally marks to the rainbow numbers.

Counting Clip Cards

Count the shamrocks and then clip the correct number.

Shape Play Dough Mats

Create the shape using play dough.

Clover Sight Words

Throw the sight word cards into a sensory bin. Draw a card, read it,  find it on the recording sheet, trace and then color it in.

Counting Cube Picture Mats

Create the picture using the counting cubes..

Clover Truck Count

Count the clovers on the truck, then place a magnetic number on the square. You could also write the number in the square instead.

Coin Color Patterns

Create a color pattern using colored objects you have at home. We used colored cubes.

St. Patrick’s Day Play Dough Mats

Create the pictures using play dough.

Sight Word Gold

Create the sight word using the gold coins. Then find it on the recording sheet and color it n.

Collect The Gold Alphabet Mats

Place a gold coin on the letters you see in the pot of gold on each mat.

St. Patrick’s Day Ten Frame

Place the ten frame cards in a sensory bin and then trace the number after you find them.

Check out a few of the worksheets

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