2D Shapes Activities Black and White


The shapes activity pack includes a color copy as well as a black and white copy.

The following 2d shapes are found in this pack: Square, rectangle, triangle, circle, oval, hexagon, diamond and trapezoid.



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– Tracing Sheets
– Do A Dot Pages
– Play dough Pages
– 3 part cards for shapes
– Which one is different?
– Which shape comes next?
– FInish the patterns sheet
– Shapes graphing game and dice
– Count the shapes
– Shapes counting puzzle
– Shapes skip counting puzzle (count by 2, 3, 4 and 5)
– Circle and oval word building puzzle
– Count the shapes and clip
– Q – tip painting activity
– cutting strips
– 2D Shapes Puppets
– Shape size sequencing cards
– Shape sorting pages
– My shape book
– Shape matching clip cards


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