Alphabet Letter Craft Activities Bundle


These alphabet crafts are a fun and creative way to explore uppercase and lowercase letters A-Z. They are perfect for preschool and kindergarten students. Each letter craft is presented on one page and both color and black and white versions are provided.

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These alphabet craft activities are a fun and creative way to explore letters and are perfect for preschool and kindergarten students. They present a great way to practice fine motor skills such as cutting, shape manipulation and pasting. Each letter craft is presented on one page and both color and black and white versions are provided.

Plus, you save $2.50 by purchasing this alphabet craft activities bundle (instead of purchasing each resource individually).

Please note that this bundle includes the following two products:

Alphabet Letter Pack #1
Alphabet letter Pack #2

If you already have one of these products do not purchase the bundle. Instead purchase the missing pack above individually.

The following cut and paste activities are included in this alphabet craft activities bundle:

  • Uppercase Letter A for Alligator
  • Lowercase Letter a for apple
  • Uppercase Letter b for bee
  • Lowercase Letter b for butterfly
  • Uppercase Letter C for Caterpillar
  • Lowercase Letter c for cat
  • Uppercase Letter D for dinosaur
  • Lowercase Letter d for dots
  • Uppercase Letter E for Elephant
  • Lowercase Letter e for egg
  • Uppercase Letter F for Fox
  • Lowercase Letter f for flower
  • Uppercase Letter G for Gumballs
  • Lowercase Letter g for goose
  • Uppercase Letter H for House
  • Lowercase Letter h for horse
  • Uppercase Letter I for Iguana
  • Lowercase Letter i for ice cream
  • Uppercase Letter J for Jellyfish
  • Lowercase Letter j for jelly beans
  • Uppercase Letter K for King
  • Lowercase Letter k for kite
  • Uppercase Letter L for Lion
  • Lowercase Letter l for ladybug
  • Uppercase Letter M for Mouse
  •  Lowercase Letter m for monster
  • Letter N is for Night
  • Letter N is for Ninja
  • Letter O is for Ostrich
  • Letter O is for Octopus
  • Letter P is for Penguin
  • Letter P is for Parrot
  • Letter Q is for Quail
  • Letter Q is for queen
  • Letter R is for Rabbit
  • Letter r is for rocket
  • Letter S is for snowman
  • Letter s is for snake
  • Letter T is for Train
  • Letter t is for tree
  • Letter U is for Unicorn
  • Letter u is for umbrella
  • Letter V is for Volcano
  • Letter V is for vase
  • Letter W is for watermelon (2 versions for different age levels.)
  • Letter w is for wagon
  • Letter X is for Xylophone
  • Letter x is for X-ray (two versions for different age levels.)
  • Letter Y is for yoyo
  • Letter Y is for Yak
  • Letter Z is for Zebra
  • Letter Z is for zip
  • 2 alphabet letter book covers – 1 with words 1 without words.
  • 2 alphabet cover coloring pages.

** I have also included a set of all of these images in black and white to save on ink.
Students will love coloring these images in with markers, crayons, watercolors and paint.

As a bonus + added convenienceThe file also includes cut files for Silhouette machine. I included a set for Cricut Cutting machines but I will not offer any troubleshooting for the Cricut Cut Files. They are untested, only work in black and white, and are added here only as an additional convenience

Learn more about how to use the cut files here. It basically means you can use your cutting machine to cut out all the pieces so that your student just needs to paste them.

(Please note that if you have any trouble with your cuts, I cannot help you troubleshoot. That would be machine-dependent. The cut files may differ from the print and cut by hand files.) 


  1. Sharon Maus

    Thank you for making these available! I purchased the bundle for my spec ed five year old. We’re loving it so far!!

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