Printable Letter Crafts Pack 1


Total Pages: 125

These printable alphabet letter crafts have been tried and tested by toddlers, preschool children, pre-k and kindergarten children and students all over the world.

Please note that this set includes ONLY Letters A Through M. Letters N Through Z can be found in Pack 2. You can purchase the Alphabet Crafts Bundle that includes both sets here.


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With 54 pages of letter crafts this Pack contains uppercase and lowercase letter crafts for letters A through M.

Add this to your preschool letter of the week curriculum. Hands-on learning is great for literacy and fine motor skills. Older kids can work on their scissor skills while younger kids will work on their visual perception, hand-eye coordination, and pasting skills.

As a bonus + added convenience: As a bonus + added convenience:  The file also includes cut files for Silhouette machine. I included a set for Cricut Cutting machines but I will not offer any troubleshooting for the Cricut Cut Files. They are untested, only work in black and white, and are added here only as an additional convenience For those who want to try to use it. I did not increase the price of the product after adding cut files. Please do not purchase if you are only purchasing for the cut files since I will not offer a refund for cut file problems.

The basic product is a stand alone product.

  Learn more about how to use the cut files here.
It basically means you can use your cutting machine to cut out all the pieces so that your student just needs to paste them.

(Please note that if you have any trouble with your cuts, I cannot help you troubleshoot. That would be machine-dependent. The cut files may differ from the print and cut by hand files.) The cut files for the Silhouette can print and cut in color and black and white. The Cricut Cut files are ONLY cut in black and white. The Silhouette machine performs better for this purpose.

Please note that you are purchasing a digital product that you will need to print out yourself.

This ABC book below contains letter packs 1 and 2. If you purchase this listing you will be receiving only one of the packs. I suggest you purchase the Alphabet Letter Crafts bundle here.

Activity Pack #1 includes uppercase and lowercase letter crafts A through M as follows:
– Uppercase Letter A for Alligator
– Lowercase Letter a for apple
– Uppercase Letter b for bee
– Lowercase Letter b for butterfly
– Uppercase Letter C for Caterpillar
– Lowercase Letter c for cat
– Uppercase Letter D for dog
– Lowercase Letter d for dinosaur
– Uppercase Letter E for Elephant
– Lowercase Letter e for egg
– Uppercase Letter F for Fox
– Lowercase Letter f for flower
– Uppercase Letter G for Gumballs
– Lowercase Letter g for goose
– Uppercase Letter H for House
– Lowercase Letter h for horse
– Uppercase Letter I for Iguana
– Lowercase Letter i for ice cream
– Uppercase Letter J for Jellyfish
– Lowercase Letter j for jelly beans
– Uppercase Letter K for King
– Lowercase Letter k for kite
– Uppercase Letter L for Lion
– Lowercase Letter l for ladybug
– Uppercase Letter M for Mouse
– Lowercase Letter m for monster

** I have also included a set of all of these images in black and white to save on ink.
Students will love coloring these images in with markers, crayons, watercolors and paint.

Each uppercase and lowercase letter has a craft that your child/student will cut out. If working with toddlers you will need to cut out the pieces for them.

You can grab a sample letter a craft here.

Cut, glue, paste.




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