Butterfly Life Cycle Insect Study


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Explore the fascinating world of butterflies and insects with this Butterfly Life Cycle Insect Study Pack. Featuring a huge range of activities, worksheets and resources, this 40+ page printable pack is also great for literacy centers, math centers and whole class lessons during a unit on bugs, insects or minibeasts. 


Along with math and literacy resources, this Butterfly Life Cycle Insect Study also includes butterfly life cycle posters and cards with real photos, cut and paste worksheets and mini books.

What’s included in this Butterfly Life Cycle Insect Study Pack?

  • Cards containing real life photos of the butterfly life cycle
  • Posters of the characteristics of butterflies as well as their life cycle which may include the following topics: butterflies, eggs, caterpillars, pupa, chrysalis, emerging, habitat, compound eyes, diet, predators, camouflage, scales, proboscis, migrate.
  • Worksheets: 
    • Caterpillars can, have, are.
    • Butterflies can, have, are.
    • Caterpillars – what I know, what I think about, what I learned.
    • Butterflies – what I know, what I think about, what I learned.
  • Parts of a Butterfly poster and cut and paste activity
  • Butterfly Life Cycle poster and a variety of different cut and paste activities
  • Butterfly vs Moths – Venn diagram
  • Butterflies and Moths – What they each can have and what both can have.
  • All About Butterflies Book – A book for children to record facts they have learned about butterflies.
  • Life Cycle of a Butterfly Book – A book for children to complete about what they have learned about the life cycle of a butterfly.
  • Insect or Bird? – Cut and paste sorting activity

I have also included the following:


  • Alphabet Flashcards: Once these cards have been printed out and laminated, they can be used for teaching the letters of the alphabet, alphabetical order, spelling simple words, and matching the lower case letters to the uppercase ones.
  • Do-A-Dot pages: Find the letter and dot them out.
  • Simple Handwriting Practice: Great for helping kids learn to spell while practicing their letter formation.
  • Story Writing Pages: Write about what you have learned about each part of the butterfly life cycle or make up your own stories.


  • Number Flashcards: Print these out and laminate before using them for learning to count from 1 to 10. They can also be used to match the number with the word number, and for learning simple addition or subtraction. They can be used in conjunction with the alphabet flashcards, by having your child spell out the numbers with the alphabet cards.
  • Number Puzzles: Print out and laminate for repetitive use. Learn to count in 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s while making the puzzles.
  • Cut and Paste Missing Numbers: Learn to count and practice scissor skills at the same time. Cut out the numbers and paste them in the correct places.
  • Size Sequencing Cards: Cut out and laminate for durability. Place the cards in order from smallest to largest or largest to smallest. They can also be used to place in the sequence of the events of the butterfly life cycle.
  • Count and Clip Cards: Count the pictures and clip the answer with a paperclip or peg or place a pom-pom on the answer.
  • Simple Addition and Subtraction: Color or clip the correct answer.


  • I Spy: How many of the pictures can you find?
  • 3 Part Puzzles: Print out and laminate and then have fun matching the pieces of the puzzles.
  • Vocabulary Cards: Included are 3 part cards as well as information cards that can be used to learn about the butterfly life cycle.

This Butterfly Life Cycle Insect Study Pack is perfect for the following learning settings:

⭐ As part of your morning work during a unit on butterflies

⭐ During literacy and math centers while studying insects or minibeasts

⭐ As a whole class lesson during a bugs unit

⭐ To create a classroom display on butterflies and/or their life cycle 

How to prepare this Butterfly Life Cycle Insect Study Pack?

✂️ Print each worksheet or mini book as needed.

✂️ Print and laminate elements that will be used repeatedly, e.g. vocabulary cards, count and clip cards, flashcards, etc.

Suggested materials:

✏️ Coloring materials

✏️ Scissors

✏️ Pegs

✏️ Glue

✏️ Bingo markers


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