CVCE Puzzles


Total Pages: 65
These CVC Puzzles include 108 CVCE Words / CVCE Word Puzzles. I have included a set of mats so that you can laminate and add velcro dots.
There is a color copy as well as a black and white copy.
Make sure to check out the preview file for more details.


CVC Words Included:
Long A words: face, lace, face, cage, bake, page, rage, wage, lake, cake, rake, make, take, wake, bale, male, came, sale, tale, fame, game, name, same, tame, cane, lane, mane, cape, tape, vase, pane, case, base, date, gate, cave, late, rate, mate, pave, game, save, wave

Long I Words:
dice, rice, mice, hide, hive, dive, five, bite, tire, fire, wire, kite, vine, pipe, vipe, ripe, line, nine, mine, pine, lime, mime, time, dine, dime, pile, tile, mile, side, wide, ride, tide, like, bike, file, hike
Long O Words: robe, rode, lobe, code, joke, poke, hole, woke, mole, home, pole, dome, bone, zone, cone, hose, note, pose, nose, rose, tote, vote

Long U Words: cube, tube, mute, huge, fuse, fume, mule


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