Kindergarten Sight Word Worksheets + Activities


Make learning sight words fun with this set of simple kindergarten sight word worksheets and activities to practice the set of Primer sight words. Students will put on their detective hats as they inspect the sight words and build better awareness and recognition for them. 

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This fun pack includes over 50 sight word worksheets, flashcards, Read Build Write mats, word lists and Write the Room worksheets to help you explore the Primer sight words in depth with your kindergarteners.

What’s included in this set of Kindergarten Sight Word Worksheets & Activities?

  • Workbook cover: A cover template for students to color, if you choose to combine the worksheets into a booklet.
  • 52 Sight Word Worksheets: Activities include read it, color it, dot it, highlight it, circle it, trace it, write it and more.
  • Sight Word Lists: Including all Primer words on one page in four different versions and two versions of send home lists for weekly practice including in sets of 5 or 10 words.
  • 5 Read Build Write Mats: Five different mats for students to practice reading, building and writing each of the Primer sight words. Color and black and white formats included. 
  • 4 Write the Room Worksheets: Four different worksheets in varying formats for students to record the sight words they discover around the room.
  • Read Build Write Mat Flashcards: Flashcards to be used with the Read Build Write Mats in 10-to-a-page format. Color and black and white formats included.
  • Sight Word Worksheet Flashcards: Flashcards to be used with the Sight Word Worksheets in an 8-to-a-page format.


These Kindergarten Sight Word Worksheets & Activities are perfect for the following learning settings:

⭐ As morning work using individual worksheets or combine to make a Sight Word Workbook

⭐ As literacy activities by using individual worksheets, write the room worksheets or read build write mats

⭐ As homework tasks with either the flashcards or word lists

⭐ Focus on individual words or lists as required with small groups of students


How to prepare these Kindergarten Primer Sight Word Worksheets & Activities?

✂️ Print individual worksheets as required or print the complete set along with a cover sheet and combine to create a sight word workbook.

✂️ Print and laminate the Read Build Write mats to increase durability for repeated use. 

✂️ The wordlists can be used by teachers to track student progress in mastering each of the Primer sight words.  

✂️ Alternatively, the lists featuring sets of five or ten words can be sent home for weekly practice.


Suggested materials:

✏️ Pencils and coloring materials

✏️ Dry erase markers


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