Frog Life Cycle + Animal Study


Total Pages: 120

Explore the frog life cycle with this fun learning pack that will teach more about frogs using real-life pictures as well as clip art images. Students will also work on counting, sorting, size sequencing, and more.


What’s included:

  • Frog fact cards
  • Parts of a frog
  • Frog life cycle worksheets
  • Frogs vs toads
  • Frogs can, both can, toads can
  • All about Frogs writing book
  • Saltwater or freshwater sorting
  • Land or sea sorting
  • Frog life cycle chart with real images
  • Dot marker pages
  • Count the animals
  • Trace the words
  • Size Sequencing Cards
  • Count Clip Cards
  • Addition + subtraction sheets
  • 3 part cards
  • Alphabet letter matching sheets
  • Life cycle play dough mats
  • Life cycle hat




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