Number Worksheets 11-20


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Explore numbers 11 to 20 in detail with these fun and engaging Number Worksheets 11-20. Featuring four sets of worksheets for each of the numbers 11 to 20, students will practice tracing the number, writing the number, identifying the numeral, counting to the number, identifying a picture that shows the number and more! 


Use as individual worksheets during math lessons or math centers or make sure of the included book covers and combine the worksheets into a Numbers 11 to 20 workbook for your students.


What’s included in this set of Number Worksheets 11-20?

  • Covers: Four variations with the title My Number Workbook to use if making this pack into a student workbook.
  • Worksheet Set 1: Including trace the number, find and circle the number, color a collection of the number and count to the number.
  • Worksheet Set 2: Including trace the number, write the number, shade the correct number of cubes, find the picture that shows the number.
  • Worksheet Set 3: Including trace the number, find the number in numerals and words, and count and trace the number.
  • Worksheet Set 4: Including trace the number and the word, and find the number in numerals and words.


These Number Worksheets 11-20 are perfect for the following learning settings:

These worksheets can be used in the following ways:

⭐ Combine as a book and use one page a day for morning work

⭐ As a math center activity

⭐ During a whole class lesson when learning about a particular number

⭐ With a small group of students who are having difficulty with a particular number

⭐ As a spiral review worksheet


How to prepare these Number Worksheets 11-20?

✂️ Print your chosen worksheets as needed.

✂️ Alternatively, print one or multiple sets and add a cover to create a student workbook.


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