Ocean Activities Pack


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Dive into the amazing world beneath the sea with this Ocean Activities Pack for preschool and kindergarten. Students will explore the alphabet, beginning sounds, sight words, counting to ten, shapes and colors plus so much more! Perfect for use as math or literacy center activities or during whol class lessons, your students will have so much fun while learning about the ocean and the amazing animals that live there.


What’s included in this Ocean Activities Pack for Preschool & Kindergarten?


  • Ocean Alphabet Maze
    Identify the correct letter to create a path through the maze.
  • Oyster Pearl Beginning Sounds
    Match the correct letter to the picture according to its beginning sound.
  • Shell Letter Match
    Match the uppercase to the lowercase letter to complete the shell.
  • Treasure Chest Sight Words
    Clip or cover the matching words shown in the treasure chest.
  • Letter Tracing
    Trace the uppercase and lowercase letters on the submarine task cards.


  • Ocean Vocabulary Words
    A chart and cards that can be used in a sensory bin or as a matching game.
  • Ocean Flashcards
    Including the vocabulary word and a real life image.

Sorting & Sequencing

  • Turtle Life Cycle
    Correctly sequence the stages of the turtle life cycle. Includes poster, cards and cut and paste worksheet.
  • Animal Sort
    Sort the animal cards according to whether they live in the ocean or the forest.


  • Whale Number Mats
    Place the correct number of pom poms above the whale and trace the numerals.
  • Number Sense Mats
    Includes tracing number words, counting, and matching numbers to 10.
  • Shark Sensory Bin
    Add number cards to a sensory bin. As each is found, trace the matching number on the activity mat.
  • Jellyfish Tentacle Counting
    Count the tentacles on each jellyfish then cover the matching number on the activity mat.

Colors & Matching

  • Fish Color Match
    Match each fish to the correct colored coral.
  • Ocean Shadow Matching
    Match each ocean animal to its shadow.
  • Jellyfish Color Match
    Use math links to make chains of colors beneath the jellyfish.


  • Turtle Craft
    Follow the instruction poster to color, cut and attach the pieces to make a turtle.
  • Jellyfish Craft
    Follow the instruction poster to make a jellyfish
  • Octopus Craft
    Follow the instruction poster to color, cut and attach the pieces to make a cute octopus..


  • Oyster Shape Clip Cards
    Clip the matching shape on these task cards.
  • Ocean Pattern Block Mats
    Use these activity mats and pattern blocks to make these ocean animals.

These Ocean Activities are perfect for the following learning settings:

⭐ As part of your morning work during a unit on the ocean

⭐ As literacy or math center activities while learning about animal habitats or water

⭐ With small groups of students with a particular focus, e.g. counting to ten

How to prepare these Ocean Themed Activities?

✂️ Simply print and laminate each component, if desired. 

✂️ Both color and black and white formats are included, where possible, to suit your individual printing needs.

Suggested materials:

✏️ Crayons

✏️ Watercolors

✏️ Scissors

✏️ Glue

✏️ Playdough

✏️ Clothespins

✏️ Bingo chips

✏️ Paper clips

✏️ Dot markers

✏️ Pom poms or marbles

✏️ Pattern blocks

✏️ Math links

✏️ Goldfish crackers or fish mini erasers


Here is a video of the activities in action:


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