Penguin Life Cycle + Penguin Animal Study


The Penguin Life Cycle and penguin animal study pack include the following activities:
You can get more details about what is included as well as extension activities here: Penguin Life Cycle
23 penguin cards that include real life pictures of penguins. (4 per page.)
17 cards (1 per page) of penguin facts including habitat, predators, colony, prey, etc.
Penguins Can – have -are
Parts of a penguin in a clip art version and a real life image.
Life cycle of a penguin pages
Penguins and puffins page
all about penguins booklet for children to fill in.
5 sorting worksheets – animals that hibernate vs animals that don’t hibernate, can fly or not fly, webbed feet vs no webbed feet,
life sequencing pages
hatching sequence.
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