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Celebrate all things summer with this adorable Summer Bingo Game for Kids! It features 30 summer themed bingo game boards making it perfect for whole class play or with small groups. What’s more, two sets of the bingo calling cards can be used as a Summer Memory Match Game – perfect for summer literacy centers! 


Get the Bingo Bundle Classroom Size to save more money! (You get 13 Bingo game themes with 30 game boards per theme for a huge savings!) Don’t need so many game boards? Then check out the Bingo Variety pack (it includes 10 themes with 4 game boards for each theme.)


Both color and black and white game boards are included – why not ask your students to create their own unique bingo game board by coloring a black and white version! 


What’s included in this Summer Bingo Game for Kids?

  • Directions: Including how to prepare this resource and how to play.
  • Calling Cards: 32 calling cards featuring a picture and the summer vocabulary word
  • Bingo Game Boards: 30 bingo game boards featuring a 5 x 5 grid layout with pictures and vocabulary words in each square.
  • Bingo Dabbers: One sheet of bingo dabbers to print, cut and use to cover each square as it’s called.
  • The above is included in both color and black and white formats.


This Summer Bingo Game for Kids is perfect for the following learning settings:

These activity mats are best used during literacy centers where students will:

⭐ Play bingo as a whole class to practice summer vocabulary and listening skills

⭐ Play bingo with a small group of students to work on a particular skill, e.g. listening skills.

⭐ Use memory match as a literacy center to practice using summer vocabulary

⭐ Use memory match with a small group of students to work on a particular skill, e.g. developing cognitive skills


How to prepare this Summer Bingo Game for Kids?

✂️ Print and laminate the bingo calling cards and bingo boards.

✂️ Print and cut out the bingo dabbers or use counters, mini erasers or blocks instead.

✂️ To prepare to play memory match, print and laminate two sets of the bingo calling cards.


Suggested materials:

✏️ Blocks, mini erasers or counters (if not using bingo dabbers provided).


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