Bingo Cards with Pictures | 14 Game BUNDLE


Each Bingo Game set includes 30 game board pieces in color and black and white. Children will love learning vocabulary while having fun. The black and white game boards are great for getting some extra fine motor practice by having students color in their boards as they play.


This Themed Bingo Game Bundle includes 12 different class sets of this popular game along with bingo cards with pictures. Perfect for students from preschool to third grade, this bingo with pictures resource is a great way to explore themed vocabulary in a fun and playful way.

Both color and black and white formats are included for each bingo game set which includes calling cards and game boards. The black and white versions also allow students to color their own bingo game board for an added bonus. Perfect for both whole class and small group play, these themed bingo sets are guaranteed to keep students of all interest engaged.

What’s included in this Themed Bingo Board Class Set Bundle:
  • 30 game boards (color)
  • 30 game boards (black and white)
  • Calling cards
  • Blank tokens: print on bright colored card and cut into tokens to cover each picture on the game board when it is called.
Sets included in this Themed Bingo Cards with Pictures Bundle:

Bingo Game Set 1: Thanksgiving Bingo
Bingo Game Set 2: Fall Bingo
Bingo Game Set 3: Christmas Bingo
Bingo Game Set 4: Winter Bingo
Bingo Game Set 5: Valentine’s Bingo
Bingo Game Set 6: Spring
Bingo Game Set 7: Earth Day Bingo
Bingo Game Set 8: St Patricks Day
Bingo Game Set 9: Easter
Bingo Game Set 10: Summer
Bingo Game Set 11: Halloween
Bingo Game Set 12: Community Helper
Bingo Game Set 13: Space Bingo

Bingo Game set 14: Back to school Bingo

Who is this Bingo with Pictures resource best suited to?

These themed bingo games are perfect for use with students from preschool and kindergarten right up to third grade.

How are these Themed Bingo Boards best used?
  • With the whole class
  • During literacy centers
  • With small groups of students


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