Thanksgiving Activity Bundle


This mega pack of Thanksgiving Printable Activities for PreK and Kindergarten includes a wide range of fun, hands-on activities to keep your learners busy and engaged this Thanksgiving season.


This mega pack of Thanksgiving Printable Activities for PreK and Kindergarten includes a wide range of fun, hands-on activities to keep your learners busy and engaged this Thanksgiving season. The printable worksheets, games and tasks in this Thanksgiving activity pack for kindergarten and pre-K range from puzzles to puppets, clip cards and graph and dice games. These printable activities are varied enough to suit learners of all styles and abilities and are simple to prepare and implement in any classroom.


Included in this Turkey Printable Activity Pack for PreK and Kindergarten:

✔ Color by Number Worksheets x 6
Learners identify the parts to color by using a dice and identifying dots or tally marks

✔ Thanksgiving Easy Reader x 1
This set includes four versions, with/without dots and color/black & white

The following are provided in both color and black and white formats:

✔ Printable Puzzles x 4 sets
Puzzles include 4 piece picture puzzles and 2 piece picture and word puzzles

✔ Tracing worksheet x 1
Learners trace various lines from one Thanksgiving picture to another

✔ Do-A-Dot Worksheets x 6
Each worksheet features a Thanksgiving-related picture or requires learners to identify the letter a picture begins with

✔ Vocabulary Coloring Pages x 15
Learners can trace each vocabulary word and color the picture

✔ Letter Practice x 2
Thanksgiving-themed uppercase and lowercase letter practice sheets

✔ Three Part Cards x 15
Featuring 15 Thanksgiving vocabulary words

✔ Spot the Difference Activity Sheet x 1
Learners identify the odd picture in the row

✔ What Comes Next Worksheets x 2
Learners continue the pattern by cutting and pasting the correct Thanksgiving item

✔ Dice Game x 1
Using the Thanksgiving picture dice, learners graph the results from rolling the dice

✔ Match the Picture to the Word x 1
Featuring Thanksgiving vocabulary and pictures

✔ Count and Write x 2
Given a range of Thanksgiving items / people, learners count each and record the number

✔ Counting Picture Puzzles x 7
Including counting by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s

✔ Thanksgiving Writing Pages x 5
Featuring a Thanksgiving picture and dotted lines for writing

✔ Count and Clip Cards x 8
Presented in 4 to a page format

✔ Cutting Practice Worksheets x 2
Featuring various lines to follow or strips and Thanksgiving-themed pictures

✔ Fingerprint Activity x 1
Learners use paint and place their fingerprint on each circle within the picture

✔ Thanksgiving Puppets x 2 pages
Simply color, cut and attach to a paddle pop stick and use for storytelling

✔ Size Sequencing Cards x 6 sets
Featuring Thanksgiving pictures

✔ Number Cards to 10
These cards include numerals, words and Thanksgiving-themed objects

✔ My Thanksgiving Mini Book x 1
Learners can cut, staple, color and read this Thanksgiving book

✔ I am thankful for… Writing Page x 1
Including the sentence starter and dotted writing lines

✔ Thanksgiving Bingo Game x 1
Learners color and create their own unique Thanksgiving Bingo card before playing

✔ Turkey Matching Cards x 26
Match the uppercase letter to the lowercase letter

✔ Turkey Shape Matching Cards
Featuring 11 different shapes with word, picture and turkey cards

✔ Turkey In Disguise


✔ Turkey Life Cycle Activity Pack
Over 65 pages of activities including puzzles, cut and paste worksheets, tracing sheets, coloring pages, counting picture puzzles, size sequencing cards and more.

How to use Thanksgiving Activities Pack for Kindergarten & PreK:

➤ As part of your morning work
➤ During literacy or math centers
➤ With small groups of students

Suggested materials:

✔ Coloring materials
✔ Scissors
✔ Counters or blocks
✔ Pegs
✔ Dice
✔ Bingo markers

You might want to add this Thanksgiving Bingo to your purchase too.

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